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Phương pháp xử lý bụi xi măng Hệ thống đo PSGC Vai trò của ngân hàng trong kinh tế Bảng dữ liệu độc hại Speech Enhancement Kết cấu tầng trên đường sắt Việt Nam Rủi ro tín dụng của ngân hàng Phép lọc hình thái học Chất lượng ảnh tài liệu kém chất lượng luật tôn giáo Mô hình tìm kiếm web xuyên ngữ Dịch tự động phục vụ truy vấn xuyên ngữ Hỗ trợ dịch câu truy vấn nhận thức lý luận mới Phân tích số liệu Lỗi cấu hình mạng máy tính Quan hệ giữa các điểm ảnh Minh họa nội suy tuyến tính mức xám của ảnh nội suy ảnh nội suy tam giác Quản lý nhà nước về tôn giáo Viễn thông VNPT Thừa Thiên Huế Pháp luật về bảo tồn đa dạng sinh học giao dịch trên mạng học thi toefl dữ liệu tự động dữ liệu tử website web động ứng dụng web động dữ liệu tổng quát web danh bạ Lỗ hổng bảo mật ứng dụng web Khai thác lỗ hổng SQLi và XSS Phân tích tự động Website Cấu tạo động cơ. cách điều khiển cách xác định đầu dây Nguyên lý làm việc của chống sét van Nguyên lý làm việc của chống sét ống Thiết bị phục hồi Ắc quy chì axit Đo hệ số công suất kỹ thuật dò đường Đo không điện Các cơ cấu đo Airport ownership Study on the behavior of cultural Wear studies on the heat treated Al6061 µsic electroluminescence Influence of sicp reinforcement on the mechanical properties Low-carbon steel Analysis of the compressor blades Study on airport ownership Vietnam Maritime University Creative industries in Colombia Functionally graded aluminum metal matrix composites fabricated The heat treated Al6061 nsic metal matrix composites Band Gap The first and second stage compressor blades of a gas turbine Welding current Ground handling market Crude palm oil Culture and entrepreneurship Centrifugal casting technique Al6061 nsic metal matrix composites LED Radiation Patterns Compressor blades of a gas turbine chu kỳ tấm pin axít chì Selected non-EU countries Metal matrix composites In-land water fleet The addition of silicon carbide The Administrative Department of National Statistics DANE The studied compressor blade Market overview Germany Advantages of LEDs Influence of charge mode Micro SiC reinforced aluminum metal matrix composites Non-reinforced cast materials Small marine diesel engines Scenario studies simulate GATS and bilateral frameworks LED Characteristics The geometric models of blades On the safety and performance demonstration tests LED Modulation Reactor fleet evolution Prototype Gen-IV sodium cooled fast reactor Computer code SAMMY Esonance parameter covariance matrices Validation and verification of computational codes Fuel management options Cross section covariance matrix Resonance parameter covariance representation The model pump Traditional adjoint method Nuclear data application Impact of ND Correlated sampling technique

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Impact of correlations, Evaluation of nuclear data, Total Monte Carlo approach, CROCUS zero-power light water reactor, Prediction of the reactor vessel water level, Fuzzy neural networks, Mạch bảo vệ transostor công suất, Severe accident circumstances of NPPS, Bảo vệ loa, Severe accident circumstances, Mạch bổ trợ trong ampli, Random sampling methods, Khối nguồn trong ampli, Used for nuclear data, Mạch bổ trợ, Monte Carlo codes, PETALE experimental programme, Continuous element for vibration analysis, Stainless steel nuclear data, Total Monte Carlo method, Total Monte Carlo, Thick shells of revolution, Use of the Pearson correlation, Continous Element Method, Euro-pean Pressurized Reactor, Finite element solutions, Propagation of nuclear data, Natural frequencies and harmonic responses, Recent improvements in the cupid code, Labour flexibility for output control in workload controlled flow shops, Thermale - hydraulic characteristics, Multi dimensional two-phase flow analysis, A simulation analysis, Canflex fuel channel using burnable poison in candu reactor, Nuclear reactor components, Axial-loaded Timoshenko rotor, Output control in workload controlled flow shops, System-scale thermal-hydraulics code, Canflex fuel channel, Temporarily increase in capacity, Transient diagnosis for secondary system in nuclear power plants, Corresponding basic functions, Load-based constraint, PWR steam generators, The NUclear Heat Transport, Semisupervised classification for fault diagnosis in nuclear power plants, Whirling analysis of the rotor, Prognosis for secondary system in nuclear power plants, An advanced core design, Angular velocity of spin, Fault diagnosis scheme, Natural frequencies rotor, Graph-based SSC algorithm, Principal Component Analysis, A soluble-boron-free small modular reactor ATOM, Centrally-shielded burnable absorber, Radioactive iodine analysis in environmental samples around nuclear facilities, Stainless steel as mechanical shim, Uncertainty analysis of containment dose rate, Sewage treatment plants, Statistical method, The 3D SBF SMR core, Containment dose rate for core damage assessment, Environmental samples around nuclear facilities, Interfacial shear stress, Thermal hydraulic analysis of core flow bypass, Typical research reactor, Radioisotope production facility, Small Break LOCA, Contourlet transformation for text hiding in HSV color image, Containment Radiation Monitor, Core flow bypass, Text hiding in HSV color image, Best-Estimate Plus Uncertainty, Safety margins during normal operation, Core Damage Assessment, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio, Method according to block size, Thermal-hydraulic behavior, On the fly estimation strategy, Uncertainty propagation in two step monte carlo calculation, Residual radiation analysis, Accurate two-step MC calculations, Uncertainty analysis of ROSA/LSTF test, PKL counterpart test concerning PWR hot leg break LOCAs, Large-scale test facility, Loss-of-coolant accident, Pressurized water reactor, Primarkreislaufe Versuchsanlage, Agricultural Operations, BS 5950-9:1994, electrical system design, BS 6399-2:1997, Definition of Photocatalysis, Reference Frame, Cleaner production petroleum, Emission Application, Advisory services, Organic Molecules, Transport Applications, Partial Discharges, Petroleum industry, Mobile telephony, Empirical study on predictors, methods of power management electronic system, Functional Design, Structural use of steelwork in building, matlab tools, Smart Environments, Báo cáo công trường, Respondents farming, Green sustainable software practices in Malaysian electronic industries, Application in the Vietnam petroleum industry, Code of practice for wind loads, Acoustic Emission, Mobile phones by farmers, Supplement of Photocatalytic, Xây dựng công trình, systems analysis, Sensor Network, Electric Methods, Methodology and benefits of cleaner production, Malaysian electronic industries, Assessing the potential, Xây dựng công trình cảng, introducing PSAT, Practical Applications, Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, Drying Materials, Implementing sustainable software practice applications, Application of self organizing map in construction, Quan sát hạ thủy Jacket, Geology and petroleum industry, Influence sustainable software, Hạ thủy Jacket, Clustering two sets, Thiết bị công trình cảng, Building material costs indice, The market for STPP is large, Two types of collectors, Cold plasma, Factors Determing Ignition, New parabolic trough STPPs, Estimation of ultimate load carrying capacity, Plasma jet, Doubly fed induction generator, Modern Engines Operating, Maximum power point tracking, At the current state of technology, Dielectric Barrier Discharge, Steel trusses using advanced analysis, Rotor side converter, Wind power plant with doubly-fed induction generator, Perturb and observe, Fundamental Studies, Two approaches were used to predict, Grid side converter, Nonlinear inelastic steel truss, High voltage, the future cost performance, Wind power plant, AC/DC converter, Chemical Changes, rushless servomotor, Improved control, High frequency, Walkers Control Systems, Devices, Electric equipment, DC - link voltage ripple, Hydrocarbon Compounds, Push-pull circuit, Numerical evaluation of gamma radiation monitoring, Power Transfer Devices, The grid voltage, power equipment, symbols, Gamma radiation monitoring, Syngas Application, Direct Power, Steering History, microelectronic technologies, The variable speed doubly-fed induction generator operation, Inherent stochastic properties, both the operation, Drive Trains, Basic troubleshooting principles, BFGS training algorithm, Mechanisms and mechanical devices, capacitor, Mechanical devices, Troubleshooting AC motors, Management Technologies, Airborne gamma ray spectrometry, Basics of mechanisms, Spring and screw devices, Nuclear site surveillance, Web Based Design Tools, Motion control systems, hình ảnh kỹ thuật số, Communications Systems, Industrial robots, xử lý kỹ thuật số, Energy Generation, Power Management, Belt devices and mechanisms, Conversion Architectures, đặc tính hình ảnh, simple application, Research robots, New directions in mechanical engineering, Wind Energy, Digital Current Mode Control, conversion devices, Voltage Dips, Transporting devices, energy control, Conversion Systems, Orientation devices, Điện tử công suất, Wind Generation, Functional systems, lighting levels, Digital Control in Power Electronics, temperature control, Hovering Theory, Digital control application, Vertical-Flight Performance, Rotor Control, Helicopter Stability, Helicopter Vibration Problems, Daylighting Natural Light in Architecture, Architectural development, Forward Flight, Takeover of artificial light, Renewal of interest in daylight, Competitive admission, Passive architecture, highest entry, different stages, Energy use, Breadth, combine specialist, faculties, Historical evolution, Graphic representation systems, Body work, Dye-sensitized solar cells, Time dependent heat transfer, Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system, Nonuniform column, Eutectic solvents mixed with ethanol, Energy politics, Development of a new algorithm, Proliferation resistant plutonium, Control excitation of particular mode of a building, Weighed integration method, Concrete strength, Power electronics design handbook, Power electronics handbook, First generation design, Effective electrolyte medium, Particular mode of a building, Random field, Power electronics design, Middle east conflicts, Concrete hardened property estimation, Sensitized solar cells, The transient development, Weighted integration approach, Different Regions, Energy security in Jordan, The power Semiconductors, Blast furnace slag, Electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cells, Absorption Spectrophotometry, Water quality, Increasing proliferation resistance, Nonuniform column by stochastic finite element method, The Rechargeable batteries, Fresh and Deparaffinized, Low power system, Stable isotope ratio, Antioxidant Properties, Stable isotopes ratio combined, Nitrogen nutrient sources, Aquatic environment, Mechatronic Servo Systems, Ebook Electric Motor Control, Articulated Robot, Electric Motor Control, Linear Model, Máy kim loại, Controlled source circuit, Discrete Time Interval, lý thuyết kim loại, Dual-closed loop, Electrical and mechanical, ứng dụng kim loại, Ebook Control of electric drive, Sampling Control, Marine electromagnetic detection transmitter, Instructor Resource CD, Control of electric drive, Electromagnetic wave, Industrial control panels, Separately excited DC machine, The north american market, Pelvic Floor, Thermal effects in electrical machines, Device selection, DC motor with series field winding, Muscle Training, Industry communication protocol, Supply circuit disconnecting device, Stress Urinary, ATV310 drive via modbus protocol, Device selection according to technical data, Incontinence, PLC S7-1200, Color coding of conductors, Physical Activity, communication between PLC S7-1200, Xử lý ảnh trong Matlab, Supporting Preventive Approach, Biểu diễn ảnh, Control PLC S7-1200, automation and optimization, simulated annealing, Modelling of a conveyor belt system for optimal productivity, Bioengineered Skin, Skin Biopsy, Simulation of a conveyor belt system for optimal productivity, Petroleum gase, Robust simulation optimization using φ-divergence, Environmental Research, Conveyor belt system for optimal productivity, Online real-time matheuristic algorithm, Multi objective gray wolf, Magnetic material modeling, Conveyor belt system, Reactive power control, Robust simulation optimization, Metamodel based robust, Prediction of thermodynamic properties, Hydrazine catalyst bed, measure Fish Coloration, Coupled properties, MIMO model, Dispatch and relocation of ambulances, Hybrid model, Through-wall radar imaging, Channel mean, Nanomaterial delivery, Galerkin-fuzzy model, Grid-connected inverter, Thermodynamic properties of petroleum, Gray wolf optimization, Less simulation runs, Emergency medical vehicles, Black-box simulation optimization, Thick slab in furnace, Wall clutter mitigation, Field computation, Nonlinear model, Channel side information, Robust optimization φ-divergence, Clarke and Park transformation, Bacterial foraging algorithm, Model-based approach, Refinery gases, Kriging meta-model, Designing and Analyzing of Computer Experiments, Compressed sensing, Magnetic media modeling, Virtually real simulation, Two heuristic algorithms, Grid-connected photovoltaic system, Multipath mobile transmission environment, Refinery gases using PC-SAFT+FVT model, Pair-Wise exchange heuristic, Inheritable Latin Hypercube Design, Horizon LQR, Feasibility of this control mode, Utilizing neural networks, Metamodel Based Robust Simulation Optimization, Target image reconstruction, Robot stanford using labview, Comparison SER, Dual response methodology, Proximal gradient techniques, Rules for Construction, Nuclear Facility Component, Small EDM machine, 2013 ASME BPVC III, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical discharge machining machine, Nhà vườn 200 m2, Automatic control mechanism, 2013 ASME BPVC Code

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