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Dysplastic nodule Psycho-social predictors Anti-cancer agent Anti-tumour Overall rates Aggressive cancers Chiral specificities Quantitative phosphoproteomics Nasopharyngeal epithelium Definitive chemoradiation Irresectable esophageal cancer Undergo metabolic Drug resistance properties Ductular reaction Hepatic progenitor cells Necroinflammatory microenvironment Gene promoter regions Long-term survival prediction Cowden syndrome BRCA1/2 mutations Inherited predisposition Carry mutations Protein Kinase C isozymes Synthetic lethal interaction Cancer-initiating cell Xenograft tumor model While microRNA MiRNA dysregulation Lymphedema includes Ovarian surface epithelium Several interactions Hiatal hernia Intestinal epithelial cell Gastric cardia Proto-oncogene protein c-akt High breast density Gene expression mRNA Canine and human tumors Syndecan-1 expression Cell bioluminescence Mice bearing RIF-1 tumours Necrotic quantification Early colorectal cancer Computational marker analysis Transmembrane mucin protein Increased tumorigenesis Molecular sub-type Cancer stem cell hypothesis Normal stem cells Including p53 Increasingly present Cancer-related treatments Aggressive tumor phenotype Including increased frequency Guideline-consistent cancer Physicians’ ability Intraocular tumor Childhood worldwide Ras-homologous Organization of care Health care organization Programmed necrosis Cytokine TRAIL represents Adjudicated indications Cancer diagnosis risk Zinc-finger transcription factor Tumor-specific hypermethylation Netrin-1 Mesenchymal neoplasms Diagnostic technology Cytometry analysis Caveolin-1α expression Luminal phenotypes Cox’s proportional hazards analysis Cancer energy metabolism Coherent anti-Stokes Raman microscopy Lipid bodies Collagen type 1 alpha 1 Cancer-related death especially Intercellular adhesion molecule-1 Tumour hypoxia Identify carcinogenesis-related genes HBV-expressing cells Vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 Neo-angiogenesis MiR-372 down-regulates Oncogene ATAD2 Influence hepatocellular carcinoma Biologic processes Primary liver tumor Tumor endothelial marker TGFβ-mediated Non-cancer cells Brainstem glioma CIN tumors Stereotactic surgery Adult brainstem gliomas Rare primary brain tumors Therapeutic factors Hard-to-reach population

Tài liệu, văn bản bạn tìm kiếm

Antibody neutralizing, Tobacco smoking exposures, Childhood leukaemia, Insulin receptor isoform A, Metastatic recurrences, Infant leukemia, Acquired genetic, MLL rearrangements, Polycomb proteins, Tumor characterization, EZH2 catalytic inhibitors, Molecular cell processes, Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, Treatment individualization, Upregulation similarities, Anti-EGFR monoclonal antibodies, Paediatric sarcomas, These diseases, Derived molecule, Post-transcriptionally control, Metastatic properties, Akt inhibitor MK-2206, Akt isoforms, Non-random X-chromosome inactivation, Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F, Promising anti-tumor, Celastrol treatment, Significant bleeding, Endobronchial forceps biopsy, Hypervascular tumor, Chemo-radiotherapy exhibiting weak, Locoregional cancer, Kruskal-Wallis analysis, Chemotherapeutic agent temozolomide, Sun protection, Sun-protective behaviour, Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy, Established risk, African albinos, Prior trastuzumab, Clinical benefit rate, Telomere maintenance mechanism, Apaf-1, Translationally controlled tumor protein, Alternatively called fortilin, Anticipated delay, While ovarian cancer, Ovarian symptoms, 5-FU resistance, Burdensome chemotherapy, Maintaining hemostasis, Hematogenous dissemination, Abundant platelets, Metastasis initiation, Salivary gland malignant neoplasms, Species-specific PCR assays, Endothelial markers, TGFβ1 pathway, PAM50 gene, Increased fucosylation, Chemoresistance phenotype, Fucosyltransferase IV, Adult medicine, Identifying metrics, Incurable hematological tumor, Marrow microenvironment, Bilirubin level, Postoperative outcomes, Survival difference, While prognosis, Independent protective factor, Several systemic inflammatory response, B8 fibroblasts, Anticancer compound 3-bromopyruvate, Therapy resistant, Pulmonary involvement, Especially multisystem, Chlamydia pneumoniae infection, Chemosensitising effect, Drug transporters, Tumour development, Absolute lymphocyte count, Absolute monocyte count ratio, Tyrosine kinase inhibition, Src tyrosine kinase, Annually diagnosed, Systemic adjuvant therapy, ERCC2 gene, Pancreas cancer xenografts, Cell cycle perturbation, Human hepatocellular carcinomas, Underlying mechanism responsible, Superficial elevated, Flat adenoma, Differentially methylated region, Survivin pathway, Prostate-specific antigen doubling time, Personalized peptide vaccine, Every day practice, Multiple co-morbidities, Osteolytic lesions, Resorbing osteoclasts, Immunosuppressive factors, Systemic effect, Glycodelin A, Anti-EpCAM antibody, EpCAM positive tumors, Pulmonary metastasis, Cutaneous lymphoma, Lymph node yield, Lymphoid depletion, Nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells, Inhibiting STAT3, Hot flashes, Estrogen levels, Established prognostic models, X-ray micro-CT, Primary oxidative metabolite, Disease characterized, 3D morphological analysis, Adjuvant tamoxifen treatment, Established human leukemogen, Mammograms indicates, Candidate predictive biomarkers, Human tumor suppressor gene NF1, Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors, Serum proteomic assays, Collagen deposition, Mammary gland epithelium, Biphasic progesterone response, ERG oncogene, Normal prostate epithelium, TMPRSS2 gene encoding, Acquired melphalan resistance, Human apurinic, Pro-survival signaling, Despite aggressive treatment, Dismal prognosis, Primary small cell carcinoma, Locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer, Esophageal malignancies, High-resolution melting curve analysis, Lymph node involvement, Tumour markers, Secondary cytoreductive surgery, Platinum-sensitive, Apoptosis sensitization, Mediates various cellular processes, Including apoptosis, Metastatic human colon, Mitochondrial apoptosis, Adoptive transfer, Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring, Motor evoked potentials, Neurological deficit, Hereditary cancers, Microtubule disruption, Anticancer agent, Specific psychosocial problems, Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate, Several anticancer, Transwell migration, Matrigel invasion, ABC proteins, Antineoplastic treatment, β-tubulin isoforms, Microtubule dynamics, Indicating greater difficulties, Expression array, Hypoxia increases, Metallo-endopeptidase, Tumor stroma cells, HCC cell growth, Human platelets, Anti-apoptotic, Colorectal cancer epidemiology, Perfluoroalkyl acids, Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors, Chemokine receptor CXCR4, Especially breast cancer, Master programme, Quality human resource in public sector, State's role in provision of testing service, Testing service for food safety, Food safety in Vietnam, Food testing, Mixing music a practical framework, Mixing music, Pre-mix EQ, Static mix, Gain staging, Bob Zawalich’s brass voicing plugin, Brass voicings plugin, brass voicings using plugin, Available chord tones, Octave range, Global dimensions, Contribution-margin approach, Analysis of overhead costs, Elastic demand, Inelastic demand, Quantity demanded, Resource allocation systems, Unit elastic demand, Models in economics, Controversial minimum wage, Production possibilities model, Market systems, Categories of elasticity, State-level minimum wages, Resource ownership systems, Real value of the minimum wage, Illegal drugs, Earnings ratio, Costs of pollution, Economics of illegal drugs, Government agricultural policy, Education attainment, International trade of money, Impacts of power generation, Market for drugs, Taste-based models, Environmental policies, Global income distribution, Income ratio, Economics of education, Economics of health care, Measuring income inequality, Costs of education, Marginal costs of education, Private marginal costs, Foreign-owned debt, Intercept dummy variables, Slope dummy variables, The team-building process, Moral dilemma, Supply curvec, Identifying drought tolerant genotypes of rice, Shade tolerance, Controlled deterioration, Adoption and co-relation, Turmeric and size of the rhizome, Tolerant genotypes of rice, Economics of Pearlmillet, Performance of rainfed pearlmillet, Papaya pericarp, Controlled deterioration test, Recommended potato production practices, Evaluation of Sesame, Size of the rhizome, Resource poor farmers of Orissa, Influenced by sowing methods, Characterization of two pectinases, Evaluation of seed quality, Rainfed pearlmillet, Recommended potato production technology, Yield attributes of turmeric, Shaded uplands, Influenced by intercropping, Improved varieties potato, Seed quality of barley varieties, Linseed varieties, Uptake in soybean, Yield attributes and dryland, Growing soils of Dharwad Taluk, Sowing on yield attributes, Above average yield categories, Tabaci Lindemann in american cotton, Mist house, Different shade intensity, Propagation environment, Performance of softwood grafting in guava, Spinetoram 12 SC, BT cotton ecosystem, Natural enemies in BT cotton ecosystem, Nonadditive gene action, QPM inbred line crosses, Developing new genotypes in groundnut, Genetic analysis of promising crosses, Good combiners, Oral veillonella species, Oral hygiene status, Weeding and dynamics, Media habits, Vegetable and grain soybean, Organic farmers, One-step PCR, Weed dynamics of wet direct seeded rice, Grain soybean, Sifferent oral hygiene statuses, Spodoptera litura on vegetable, Genus-specific primers, Comparative biology, Grain soybean was undertaken, Nematoctonus robustus, Nematoctonus robustus along, Management of rice root knot nematode, Different phosphorus conditions, National agricultural insurance scheme, Root morphology of rice, Providing insurance coverage to farmers, Performance of NAIS operating, Performance of new wheat cultivar, New wheat cultivar, Different row spacing, Yield maximization in wheat genotypes, Dry matter per plant, Environment and farming, Summer sesamum based intercropping systems, Crops reduces nutrient reserves, Hoplobatrachus occipitalis, Microbiological quality of Hoplobatrachus occipitalis, Hoplobatrachus occipitalis used as meat, Knowledge accumulation, Tacit knowledge capacity, Malignant mixed mammary tumor, German shepherd, Microbial population of sesame, German shepherd middle age bitch, Integrated nutrient management in yield, Mungbean and semi-arid, Nutrient management for higher production, Productivity under semi-arid tract, Microbiological and histopathological Investigation, Semi-arid tract of Central India, Histopathological Investigation, Calf meningitis, Histopathological investigation of calf meningitis, Hirsutum cotton, Maize inbred lines against stalk rot complex, Bio efficacy of fungicides, Agronomic management of cowpea, Bio agents against Ceratocystis fimbriata, Plant geometries, Sub soiling, Disease of pomegranate, Evaluation of hirsutum cotton varieties, Using augmented design for evaluation, Common bean germplasm, Anopheles fluviatilis, Bioefficacy of cyantraniliprole, Path analysis study, Genetic advance in cowpea, Dahej area, Screening of cumin varieties, Pestalotiopsis microspora, Pests of potato, Bacterial flora of the Anopheles fluviatilis, Path analysis study in cowpea, Air quality index, Lines against wilt disease, Pests infesting potato, Improvement programme, Assessment of ambient air quality, Pathogen was selected for present investigation, Proper candidate Paratransgenesis, Ricinodendron heudelotii, Harvest index as influenced, Path analysis in ridge gourd, Genotype in coriander, First female flowering, Godavari zone, Undertaken to evaluate promising diverse genotypes, Preference criteria, Primary nutrient, Diversity management, Pear orchard soils, Yield attributes of cucurbitaceous crops, Post-harvest soil available fertility status, Cassava production constraints, Available potassium status was high, Cucurbitaceous crops, Sesame cropping system, Farmers’ preference criteria, Estimation of various soil parameters, Plant densities on growth, Diversity management in togo, Molecular characterization of fenugreek, PEG induced screening, Fermented yeast culture, Vegetable amaranth genotypes, Drought tolerance in tomato genotypes, Fertilizer and sown conditions, Fluoroquinolones resistance, Genetic diversity among fenugreek, Role of micronutrients, Improvement in egg production, Genotypes using rapd markers, Hormonal treatment, Medium vigour, Heterosis in cowpea, Micronutrients in fruit crops, Antibiogram of escherichia coli isolates, PD 3 chicken line, Temperature on Rhizoctonia bataticola, Anestrus cows, Fenugreek genotypes, Genotypes of vegetable amaranth, Analysed in an experiment, Development of F1 hybrids in chilli

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