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Trophoblast cell line galectins Biological phenomenon Plant physiological responses Plasma-derived FVIII products Organism during adulthood Beta cells Hematologic malignancy characterized Tumor microenvironments Polyphosphate polymer ETC complex inhibition Reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction Hemophilia A Biopolymer polyhydroxybutyrate CHLASE gene Anti-miRNA treatment Antioncogene gene Insulin-producing cells Molecular mass fraction Turkish tobacco Cell fractionation Activities of enzymes DnaJ-like protein Cell line K562 Human osteosarcoma Ceranib-2 Parthenogenetic diploid Artemisia khorassanica Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis Primary cilium Endothelial function Regulatory circuits Tumor bulk Ginkgo biloba L. extract Artemisinin chromosome Hedera helix Male embryo C2 ceramide E. coli expression system Hemp-agrimony Centriolar satellites Differentially expressed mRNAs and miRNAs Chordoma cell line Peptidomic characterization Salvia verticillata Embryo aggregation Rat glioma cell line Antipollutant blend Guanosine triphosphate Fed-batch culture Eupatorium cannabinum L. β-catenin signaling Chromosome region maintenance 1 Tin oxide nanoparticles Mammalian centrosome Breast tumors Gap closure Sex-dependent manner Scorpion venom Functional plant extracts Blastulation rate Myrtus communis Human normal glia cell line Transfer without scaffold Migration assay Genome size Pyrrolizidine alkaloids GEO microarray database Cilium complex Dermal fibroblasts Epigenetic modifications Jurkat cell line Benzo pyrene Chordoma metastasis Rubus sanctus Parthenogenetic embryonic stem cell isolation Leptomycin B Human glioma cell lines Phenotype relationships Real-time impedance measurement Microarray analyses performed Nuclear export signal Protoiurus kraepelini Cytoprotective effect Nanoparticle aggregation Adipose-tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells Organs while maintaining Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases Amino acid tryptophan Cyto-compatible Aspartic protease Mitochondrial DNA disorders Dental pulp cells Cysteine-aspartic proteases Cellular and molecular basis Mitochondrial bioenergetics Cardiomyocyte renewal Mitochondrial DNA mutations Grape Vitis L. Histone methyltransferase Melatonin acts classically

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Cardiac regeneration, Nanofibrous matrix, Cardiomyogenic differentiation, Centroacinar cells, Snail mucus, Cardiogenic factors, Mesenchymal stromal cells, Efficacious treatments, Grape genotypes, Physiologic homeostasis, Achatina fulica, Important biological, Cardiopoietic factors, Sca-1+MSCs, Secrete enzymes, Self-renewal, Antioxidative effects, Tolerant grape genotypes, Adult mammalian heart, In vitro biocompatibility, Pepper Capsicum annuum L., Amylolytic yeast, Inflammatory genes, Molecular cytogenetic identification, Human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells, Hematopoietic stem cell, Protein modeling, Prooxidant effects, Plasma gel, Lycium barbarum, Kidney damage, Sensitive genotypes, Wheat–Thinopyrum intermedium introgression line, Nanofibrous morphology, Resident heart stem cells, Microspore embryogenesis, Antiaging klotho gene expression, Human dental pulp cells, Biocompatible polyurethane, Hematopoietic microenvironment, STR marker, Biosynthesis of pyrrolnitrin, Positional specificity, Solid lipid nanoparticle, Compound microsatellite, Complex mechanisms, Polymeric nanofibers, Arrhythmia decreased, Double haploid, Skin tissue engineering, Total genomic DNA, Bud morphology, Wistar albino rat, Multiple genes, Cardiomyocyte-like cell, Porcine Sox6, Antigen-presentation ability, Sulfur deficiency, Phosphate-containing compounds, Sodium borate, Tetraploid durum wheat, Differential display PCR, Cardiac stem cells, Human embryonic stem cell N-glycans, Biomedical devices, Anticarcinogenic propertie, Osmotic treatment, Homozygous nature, Brittle 2, Alpha-2 blocker yohimbine, Sensory hair cell, Depression-like behaviors, Wheatgrass chromosomes, Cordyline virus 1, Klotho gene, PrnABCD gene cluster codes, Medical fields, Sodium pentaborate pentahydrate, Limbal stem cell deficiency, Sm-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles, N-glycan core branching, Cotton shoot regeneration, Plant breedin, Proton gradient regulator 5, Transformation frequency, Ischemia reperfusion-induced arrhythmias, ABD-genomic DNA, Vanillate demethylase, IPS cell, Klotho promoter methylation, Cardiac development, Morris water maze, Calorie restriction, Limbal epithelial transplantation, Human induced pluripotent stem cells, E. coli Rosetta, Local cotton cultivar, ANOVA statistical program, Embryonic stem, Plant-specific LSU, NAD+-dependent deacetylase, Beta-blockers, Multiple neuroepithelial lineages, Limbal stem cells, Leukemic stem cells, Endosperm starch biosynthesis, 1-week diabetic rats, Induced pluripotent stem, Reprogramming methods, Glycan binding proteins, Treatment of tumors, Control region, Cell tracking, Pelizaeus–Merzbacher disease, Induced pluripotent stem cell disease models, Heterogeneous cell, Genetic identification, Hematological diseases, Leukemia elegantly, Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, Point heteroplasmy, Early embryogenesis, Maternal RNA, Oocyte–embryo transition, Zygotic genome, Điều trị gammaglobulin, Thoracic aortic aneurysm, N-nitrosodimethylamine, Sooty mold, Label-free LC-MS, Gene network inference, Inducible nitric oxide synthase, Plant genetic engineering, Malacosoma neustria, Randomamplified polymorphic DNA, Antimicrobial peptide LL-37, Peptide drug, Smooth muscle cell, Environmental resistance, Insect virus, Protein interaction databases, Cowpea Vigna unguiculata L., P-nitrophenyl esters, Gonadosomatic index, Serum leptin profiles, Scanning tunneling electron microscopy, Genus Capsicum covers several dozen species, Pelargonium zonale, Papaver bracteatum, Biopotential of Verbesina encelioides, Anoxybacillus gonensis, Local nucleopolyhedrovirus, Steered molecular dynamics, Smooth muscle cell growth medium, DDRT-PCR, Label-free proteomics, CO2 flux, Gene interaction databases, Quinolone resistance, Bench-scale bioreactor, Buccal cells, Bacterial enzymes, Hepatosomatic index, Ark storage, Embryo induction, Nanotechnology deals, Cytidine 5’-triphosphate synthase, Biomass production in tomato, Particularly hazelnut, Tilletia indica, Fibroblast growth factor receptor, Iron-binding transferrin, Antimicrobial pressure, Subcutaneous melatonin, Gene network inference algorithms, Immobilized cells, N-acetyltransferase, Malva sylvestris, Iranian poppy, Critical micelle concentration, Seminiferous tubules, Germination trays, Neuro2A murine neuroblastoma cells, Incubation length, Cinnamomum verum Presl, Locust tree leaves, Olive tree Olea europaea L., DNA genomes, Syrian hamsters Mesocricetus auratus, NH3-dependent characterization, Response surface methodologym, False positives, Liver enzyme markers, Cultivars of wheat, Doublestranded DNA viruses, Herbicide tolerance gene, Dry cell weight, UV-visible spectrophotometer, Phenol-chloroform method, Emulsification activity, Cinnamomum sp., Homozygous doubled haploid, Gene-carrier candidate, Cytochrome P450 1A1, Polyacrylamide gel, Transcriptase-PCR method, Prothoracicotropic neurohormones, Cell surface hydrophobicity, Catalyze oxidative, Cinnamomum species, Capsicum genotypes., Generate nanoparticles, Orthodontic arch wires, Uridine monophosphate, Dianthus giganteus subsp. banaticus, Haploid embryo, Oxidative status, Commercial DNA isolation kits, Filamentous cyanobacterium, Ex situ conservation, Uridine triphosphate, Irradiation dose, Human blood tissue yet, Yield DNA, Triparental conjugation, Somaclonal variability, Gametic cells, Deg protease, β-subunits, Coccoid green algae, Labiatae plants, Extremely halophilic archaeon, Moderate halophile, Scenedesmus subspicatus, Alkaliphilic Bacillus, Calcium oxalate silicate, Individual essential oil components, Methyltransferase gene denoted all0012, Catalytic triad, Halomonas sp. AAD21, Crystal morphology, Diallyl trisulfide, Genus Fritillaria, Satureja cuneifolia, Desmodesmus sp., Nematode disease, Photosystem II, α-amylase yield, Cyclamen alpinum, Genomic RNA, Prostate acinar adenocarcinoma, Intergenic spacer, Calcium oxalate monohydrate, Leishmania parasites, Dipeptidyl peptidase IV, Antibiotic production, Colloidal gold, OSCC cell lines, Structures of Deg5, Highbush blueberry cultivars, Vitis vinifera L. × Vitis labrusca L., Synthesized α-amylase, Cyclamen trochopteranthum, X-ray diffraction methods, Peganum harmala, Water-accommodated fraction, Enzyme polyP kinase, Cell-conditioned, 3-methylcholanthrene, Structures of Deg8, Culturable bacterial flora, Antimalarial activity, Juniperus oxycedrus subsp. oxycedrus, Grapevine virus A, Hepatic toxicities, Nanotechnology to biomedicine, Daphne sp., Rhomboidal crystals, Molecular phylogenetic, Turkish dog breeds, Ornamental species, Chemical stresses, Wild bilberries Vaccinium myrtillus L., Evernia prunastri, Juniperus sabina, Butylated hydroxytoluene, Zinc chloride, Cloning and sequencing, F-statistics, Proline accumulation, Cellulosimicrobium sp., Booster biocides, Digestive gland, Colloidal AuNPs in biomedicine, Tamarix dioica, Polyphosphate kinase gene, DPP IV enzyme, Human prostate cancers, Lichen Evernia prunastri, Alkali-thermoactive enzyme, Tumor tissues in rats, P-benzoquinone, Cr(VI) reduction, Capsicum longum A.DC., Bacterial identification, Acacia cyanophylla Lindl., Clarias gariepinus, In vitro antimicrobial, Tilapia guineensis, Total distance travelled, Factorial correspondence analysis, Lichenized fungi, Asymmetry indexes, Drug development technologies, Genic SSRs, Homogenization procedure, Thermophile bacteria, Rhizospheric soils, Hatching enzyme of A. salina, Genomic DNAs, Pepper plants, Weeds Peganum harmala L., Sonchus erzincanicus, Cytogenetic analyses, Early life stage, Phenotype heterogeneity, Bacillus sp. Y, Parachuma obscura, Industrial detergent, Bacterial columns, Thermoactinomyces thalpophilus, Leptin hormone, Cellulase-free xylanase, S. aethiopicum, UNEL reaction, Repetitive extragenic palindromic, UV-A radiation, Göksu Delta, Wasp venom, Total carbon, Calamintha pamphylica subsp. pamphylica, Hydrocynus sp., Olive Olea europaea L., Cheap substrates, Alkaline xylanase, Petroleum ether, Xylanase-producer actinomycetes, Acridine orange staining, S. macrocarpon, T. thalpophilus, VITEK system, Micronucleus assay, UV-C-exposed plants, Synthetic industrial detergent, Orontes River, Calamintha pamphylica subsp. davisii, Malapterus electricus, Minimal inhibition concentration, S. melongena, Population variability, Thermophilic Actinomycetes, Biologically active components, Diyarbakır watermelons, Bacillus mojavensis, Distribution of rDNA sites, Calamintha pamphylica subsp. alanyense, Wheat Triticum durum, Mycobiont layer, genic microsatellite, Trichoderma harzianum IDM14D, Free living amoeba, 16S rDNA sequence, Morphological factors, Nonsyndromic hearing loss, Direct-seeded, Genus Anoxybacillus, Pectinolytic bacteria, Fluorescein in situ hybridization, Juglans regia, Man-made water systems, Apoptotic-like formation, p-nitrophenyl acetate, Ilıca District, Secreted aspartyl proteinase activity, GJB2 encodes connexin 26, Plant Piper betel L., Transplanted watermelon, Phenotyping characteristics, Relative retention index, Bronze Age, Hot springs, Syrian hamster, Substitution bias, Salvia L. species, Red meat, O. onites, Pectin lyase, Urinary system infections, Domestic hot water, Evolvulus alsinoides

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