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Fruit juices Necessary knowledge Cicer taxa Value chain development Policies of supporting SMEs Bacteria isolated Planting dates and mulching Fruit based carbonated soft drinks SME support solutions Wheat Rhizosphere Growth and flowering Plant growth promoting attributes Legal procedures Vicia faba Scented rice Antagonistic activity Largest sized bulb Cola soft drinks Relay lathyrus Ochrobactrum sp Technology support Soil microcosm experiments Chromosomal aberrations Soil microbial properties Oryzae sativa Human resource development support Cola containing soft drinks BLB (Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae) Lathyrus sativus L Rhizospheric bacteria associated Cytogenetic study on mutagenic lịch sử kinh tế Mỹ Relay cropping under organic system Plant growth promotion of rice Sticky metaphase Active learning Soil actinomycetes Small group discussion Unsaturated polyester resin Dehydrogenase activity Phosphorous and phosphate solubilising bacteria Vai trò Artichoke Growing awareness Subgroup Detection Randall Parrish Recycled PET Teen age girls Cây dược liệu Ideological Discussions Field study Phosphate solubilising bacteria Educating teen-age girls The Court Martial Polyester composites Amjad Abu-Jbara Western Himalaya vegetable production systems Plant nutrition Biofilm zinc solubilizing Testing efficacy of small group discussion Condemned 330 Recycled pet for rice husk Selected organic manures Extracellular polymeric substance Role in plant nutrition Accounting performance Exchange Confidences Surface of fungi Jordanian industrial public shareholding companies Dioxin contamination The Choice of a Husband Potassium releasing bacteria Quarterly magazine Intendant carbazol degrading bacteria Measurement scales Biofilm formation of zinc solubilizing Models of institutional strengthening Economic organizations Accounts receivable management Graphic rating scales Participatory rural appraisal Capital Account: Local farmer groups Sharia Financial Institution DFI Village Jakhani Measurement of data The Corporate Sector Scaling Process Analytical Network Process Exploring data Problems related to agriculture skills workshops Determinants of Capital Flows Polyethylene-starch group learning skills Building direct customer relationships Blend polymer in soil Likert items and scales of measurement Scales of Measurement Chlorpyrifos degrading bacteria

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Bioremediation of soil containing dioxins, Valuation Data, Literature Say About Likert Items, Rice upland crop soil, Bacteria in crude oil, Identification and copper nanoparticles, Forest Assets, Common Sense Tell Us, Soil containing dioxins, The bacterial strains, Towards big data bank, City-based consumer patriotism, Water phase in crude oil, Likert Items, Amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis, Synthesizing bacteria contributing, Case of research in Vietnam, Dioxin in soil could decompose, Evaluation SIG Newsletter, Measurement model of city-based consumer patriotism, 16S rRNA gene sequences, Community level physiological profile, Vietnamese patriotism, Bacteria inoculation, Multidimensional assessment, Efficiency parameters, Plant growth promoting properties, Building and organizing teaching stem topic “The potential energy vehicle", Policy measures for Viet Nam tourism, Tourism linkage development, Aadaptive behavior evaluation scale revised second edition, A number of trends in Folk festival celebration today, Northwest tourism, Building and organizing teaching stem topic, Rhizobacteria isolated, Adding to the mix, Response to impacts of Covid-19, Measurement Theory, Electricity saving, Linkage of tourism development, Accounting cycle, Entrepreneurship attitude of managers, The antecedence of lecturer’s OCB, Student teachers’ approaches, Crop water requirement, Bio-efficacy, Determinant of rice consumption, Folk festival celebration, New business initiatives and financial performance, ABES-R2:4-12 school version, Tourism linkage model, The potential energy vehicle, Beauty products advertisements, Students use of Facebook groups, Loamy sand soil, Antitest Arguments, Policy measure, Conventional agriculture, Timely sowing, Consumers’ behaviors, Johansen cointegration, South African healthcare system, North central coast, Improved information flow, Entrepreneurship attitude of member participation, Nutrient management, Group discussion of student teachers, Time period principle, Bio-efficacy of organic formulations, Merchandise operations, Regional tourism linkage, The tubbs model, New business initiatives, The lecturer’s organizational citizenship behavior, Micronutrients for crop production, Folk festival Vietnam, ABES-R2:4-12 home version, Blackboard discussion forums, Evidence from panel data in Indonesia, Three-dimensional model, The STEM theme vehicle, The panel discussion, Fertilizers application, Fundamental Typology, Vietnam tourism, Non-standard debt, Healthcare system, Economic development nexus, Entrepreneurship attitude of cooperative performance, Cellulomonas species, The impact of knowledge types, Personality at three levels accreditation of universities in Indonesia, Student teacher education curriculum, Accounting for merchandise operations, Evaluation of policies, Concretize regional integration directions, Comparative advantage of crop production, Text Summarization Evaluation, Study Scop, Relay cropping, Supporting descriptive statistics, Turkey’s sugar sector, Large-scale mail surveys, Different corporations, MEDIA STRATEGY, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Knowledge into practice, Improved technologies, Participation in rice consumption, The symposium, Sustainable crop production, METI acaricides, Data Relations, Concerned development organizations, Agricultural extension services, Profit orientation, Wealth management product, Green process innovation, Nutrient management on crop productivity, Determinants of smes consumers’ behaviors, Fresh evidence from Indonesia, Trade balance, Effectiveness of review session, Behavior evaluation scale revised, Community works, Beliefs about knowledge towards academic performance, the consumer search process, Healthcare practitioners, Role of boron, Lynette Hirschman, Highest crop water requirement, Rice development, Merchandising activities, Indices affecting probable efficacy, Providing cooperative education, URA provisions, conducting PR, Spreading questionnaires and analyzing, Drawbacks of conventional agricultural system, Crop productivity enhancement, Priority Scaling, Standard Scores, The perspectives of cultural studies, Mt COI, Organic formulation in crop production, acquisition, Age and social assistance, Internationally acknowledged largely, Green product innovation, Changes in soil organic carbon, Context in english and Vietnamese advertisements, Sales orientation, Liquidity shock, Genocide Convention, Currency depreciation, European Regional Experiment, The triple helix model, Placement review workshop, Time utilization, investigation in the context, Indo-gangetic plains, Three levels accreditation of universities in Indonesia, Essential micronutrient required, Objective assessment, Higher frequency, Rice-Wheat sequence, Total value of crop production, Relatively noisy dichotomous variables, Philanthropic activities, Increasing member participation, Rice production, Major advertising decisions, Revenue diversification, Crop productivity loss, Dichotomous Scoring, Coi-based molecular characterization, formulating strategies, Alternative choices of consumption, Wheat crop, Instrumental variable, Reconnaissance Mission, Catla catla, Promotion of innovations in Vietnam, What is context, International competitive markets, Knowledge Networks, Shadow banking, The potential of encouraging reflection for student teachers, Innovative Actions, Evidence from accounting students in Indonesia, Eastern indo-gangetic plains, Iowa gambling test, Manures under rice-wheat sequence, credence services, Most of the crops, Green process innovation together, improve, Maintaining the quality of indoor air, Transparency, Roles of CIO, Quota policy, The context of climate change in Vietnam, Long non-coding RNA, Fisheries production, Advertising objective, Genetic analysis, Tolerable soil loss, Animal management activities, Fully modified ordinary least square, Total assets, Violence Continues, devising tactics, The model of communication, Wealth management products in China, Actual global competitive context, Greek Regions, Corchorus olitorius L, Hospital air sampling, Soil biological properties influenced, Demonstrated previously, Seed rearing, Innovative Government, Quality of indoor air, Uruguay round agreement provisions, Climate change in Vietnam, Crucial role in tumorigenesis, Fenazaquin selected resistant strain, RS and GIS, Distribution ofArms, Animal management activities in YSR, TRP channels, marketing savvy, Relationship to language use, Conference of Peripheral Maritime, Mathematical Functions, Long term application, Seasonal bio-burden, Impaired inhibition, Catla catla (Hamilton), Potted plants in maintaining, Ecological footprint, LncRNA nuclear-enriched, Hydrocarbon Fuel, Conservation practice factor, Nanoporous zeolites, Two-spotted spider mite, commonality, KCa channels, promote innovation, Water alkalinity in production, Reflection inhibition, Context is focused on in many researches, Microbial count, Mineral fertilizers, Indonesian economy, Net interest margin rates, Water-deficit, Human osteosarcoma remains unknown, Plasma Technology, language corpora, Nutrients use efficiency, A Technology Assessment Tool, Innovation Readiness, Streptozotocin-induced diabetes, Hospital air quality, Agriculture production, Nivea advertisements, Smart fertilizer, refine current speech motor, Small RNA-seq, Plastic Coating Sector, Lentivirus-mediated siRNA, Halogenated Polycycli, The EDHF-type relaxation, Quaternary care hospital based, The roles of human, Urbanization on ecological footprint, training methodologies, Primary root, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Discourse strategies, Enhancing nutrient use efficiency, Cardiac function in rats, Growth zone, Nivea beauty product, Manufacturing SMEs in Vietnam, Word Maturity, Environmental stress, Manufacturing SMEs, Word Knowledge, Solemn threat, Solemn threat to crop production, Linking unlearning, Detecting Highly Confident Word Translations, Begomovirus research in India, Innovation through organizational memory, Isopentenyl transferase, Hydrocacbon reserves, Current status of begomovirus research, Any Prior Knowledge, Intestinal schistosomiasis, Chilli and crop rhizosphere, CKs biosynthesis, The existence of organizational memory, Investment opportunities, Crop rhizosphere, Nuclear factor kappa B, Interactive learning, Positive influence, GmIPT10-overexpressing transgenic soybean, Petroleum potential, Chronic hepatitis C, Decision-making authority, Azotobacter spp, Toll-like receptor 2, Coffee value chain, Ram Garikipati, Dissertation for the degree of Doctor, Flower color polymorphism, Historical novel, Matriarchal families, Southeast Asia, Pegylated Interferon, Evaluation of Azotobacter spp, Enterprises’ value chain, The effectiveness of using visual aids, Current challenges of teaching ESP, Experimental colonic schistosomiasis, Protein kinase gene, Raglai ethnic group, quảng cáo trong thương mại điện tử, Loss of pigmentation, Culture tourism, An overview of petroleum potential, Further increases crop productivity, Coffee farmers, Knowledge sources, Igniting Civic Progress, An equilibrium level, Technical university in Vietnam, Promote speaking skills for the 12th graders, Hadfield steel, Khanh Hoa Province, tôm nước ngọt, Nuclear factor-kappa B expression, Historical tourism, AM fungus, Risk contagion, Sustained virologic response, Non-pollinator mediated selection, Determinants of firm level innovation, Teaching ESP at a technical university, Engaging Government Conclusions, Resource savings, Credits in the economy of Kazakhstan, Cam pha high school, Raglai people in Khanh Hoa Province, dissemination, Plant secondary metabolites, Arbuscular mycorrhizal, Creating value added Thai economy, Equity indexes, Long non-coding RNAs, Protein kinase expression, Catalytic Ingredient, Credits in the economy, Lifetime prediction, Firm level innovation in Vietnam, Periprosthetic osteolysis, Learning specialized English is currently, The current English speaking teaching, advocacy advertising, Spatial crop mapping, Wheat plants, International Business: Session 3, Significantly enriched, Gas explosion, Asia’s emerging financial markets, Equilibrium level, Installing R, Sourcing Social Innovation, Accuracy assessment, Multi-layer perceptrons, Days after sowing, Sustainable energy development, The R User Interface, Wear particle, Chinese equity market, Error correction model, policy regime, Ignition delay, Measurable Results, Effects of different oxyanions, Renewable energy resources, Wheat grains, Hodrick prescot filter, R Object, the Bank's credit, Web-based, Chemical shock tube

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