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Distant organs Anti-metastatic drug screening Hormonal signaling ROCK1 gene Nasopharyngeal neoplasm Stem cell marker CNS metastases During radiotherapy Decreased survival BRCA1 promoter methylation Pathological significance Obtained mainly Surgico-pathological diagnosis Bisdioxopiperazine dexrazoxane Uncertain cardioprotective mechanism Anthracycline doxorubicin Renal pelvis Global gene expression profiling Receiver operator characteristics Retrospective image fusion Side-by-side analysis Tissue factor pathway Grey horse Preoperative anemia EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitor Receptor blockade Constitutive activation Activated protein C resistance DNA methylation analysis Melanocytic neoplasms Cox proportional hazard KRAS kinases Receptor conversion Novel biological Distant breast cancer metastases HMGA gene overexpression Reduced survival Breast and prostate cancer Expression of NRIF3 Mastermind-like Wild-type KRAS Genetically engineered mouse model Multifactor dimensionality reduction Human bone marrow mesenchymal cells Cancer-associated stromal cells Human colon adenocarcinoma Multicentric cohort Predicting thyroid cancer risk Non-randomized clinical trials Multiple molecular subtypes Short-course radiotherapy Allele-specific copy number analysis Generalised phenomenon Preoperative chemo-radiotherapy Angiogenesis-related genes 3′-UTR polymorphisms Human multiple myeloma Extrahepatic metastases Plus oxaliplatin Adrenal metastases Incurable hematological malignancy Wnt signaling pathways Cell proliferation 4 6-benzylthioinosine Human HCC cells 5-FU plus oxaliplatin Modified molecule Systemic HCC therapy Wnt pathway activity β-catenin accumulates Egyptian women 3D-image-guided Two-dimensional high-dose-rate brachytherapy Nasal type Anti-CD30-targeted therapy B16-F10 melanoma Primary bone lymphoma Types of thyroid malignancy Secondary bone lymphoma Adenosine generated Promoting tumor growth Thyroid enlarged Undifferentiated thyroid carcinoma A2B receptors Endothelial outgrowth cells E2F1 transcription factor Combretastatin A-4 disodium phosphate Tumour recruitment Everolimus treatment KI67 status Extrathyroidal extension Eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 Macromolecular complexes Biliary tract carcinoma Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor-1 Protein biosynthesis Glycosphingolipid Gb3 Endogenous non-coding RNAs TCGA database Accumulating evidences

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Potential oncogenic roles, Phenotypic features, Glioblastoma model systems, Advanced colorectal cancer, Chemotherapy respons, Numerous biological, Chromosome 17 centromere, Metastatic CRC, FUSE binding protein, Metastatic lung tumor, Aggravating factors, Multiprotein complexes, Angiogenesis inhibitor, Methylation status, V600 mutations, COX-2 in clinical gastric cancer, Dose-dense sequential chemotherapy, G-alpha proteins, Human gastrointestinal, Unadjusted cancer survival, Annexin-1 contributes, Uveal melanomas, Peripheral tolerance, Pathological consequence, Combination cetuximab, Pharmacodynamic biomarkers, Maximum tumor shrinkage, Central nervous system tumors, Carrying mutations, Oral multi-kinase inhibitor, Histological diagnosis according, Prospective diagnostic trial, Tumor shrinkage significantly, Prostatic hyperplasia, Identify therapeutic, Tumor suppressor miRNAs, Lysyl oxidase, Mature microRNAs, Thyroid conditions, Feedback mechanisms, Negative oestrogen receptor, Geographical mortality, Microtubule stabilizing agent, Ectopic TSH-secreting pituitary adenoma, Cross-sectional questionnaire study, Locally advanced tumors, Gross cystic disease fluid protein 15, Caregiving tasks, Resistance to thyroid hormone, Platinum-sensitive disease, Anti-apoptosis protein, Serum tryptase, TRH stimulating test, Caregiving consequences, Extracranial disease, Tissue tryptase, Octreotide inhibition test, Caregiver status, Cytoskeletal modelling, Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide, Active metabolite, Adherens junction protein, Watery diarrhea, Nine-beta-D-arabinofuranosylguanine, Homophilic intercellular, Nucleoside Transporter 1, Cytosolic deoxycytidine kinase, Women’s health worldwide, Glucose-regulated protein 58, BRCA1-associated ATM activator 1, DNA damage responses, Middle ear cancer, Propotional incidence, Oncogenic phenotype, Digital ano-rectal examination, Girona Health Region, Promotes cell survival, ΔNp63 mediated oncogenic, Gene marker, Tumor generation, Maternal exposure, Follicular lymphoma, Relatively non-specific, Coagulation assays, Paternal exposure, Reported worldwide, Fibrinolysis activation, AKT phosphorylation, Potential activity, Esophageal NETs, Testicular neoplasms, Lentivirus vector, Gastrointestinal resection, Polyploid giant cancer cells, Three-dimensional co-culture, GI-surgery, Cancer stem cell properties, Gel contraction assay, Nilotinib exposures, Daughter cells, Prior major gastrectomy, Metabolite SU12662, Trimodal treatment, N glycolyl GM3, Molecular subtyping, Cell ganglioside metabolism profiles, Several enzymes, Cardiac glycoside, Current treatment, Hemostatic alterations, Plasma D-dimer, Hemostatic status, Healthcare seeking behaviour, Cancer measure, Vesicle recycling, Intratumoral metabolic heterogeneity, Susceptibility-weighted imaging, Metabolic tumor, Phenethyl isothiocyanate, Non-obese diabetic, VEGF-targeted therapy, Von Hippel-Lindau, Ambulatory status, Neurosurgical intervention, Cancer fear, Cancer worry, Health fear, Hedgehog signaling, Signaling pathway crosstalk, Cellular proliferation, NF-κB signaling, Tumor radiological response, Endoscopic sinonasal surgery, Endoscopic approaches, Conventional osteosarcomas, Anti-VEGF agents, Surgery plus radiotherapy, Prostatic neoplasm, Treatment-related mortality, Acute radiation toxicity, Histone-modifying enzymes, Nuclear B7-H3, Toxic death, Transwell chambers, Vitro migration, Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, Dual luciferase reporter gene, Client proteins, Measuring surplus, Constructing demand, Marginal productivity, Valuing an economy, Expenditure approach, Choice architecture, Market basket, Types of receivables, Investments in debt securities, Available-for-sale securities, Applications of trees, Spanning trees, Serous papillary ovarian cancer, Database analysis, Multivariate Cox analysis, Dysregulated pathways, Colorectal oligometastases, Oligometastatic patients, Gastric esophageal junction, Remains largely unclear, Mitochondrial pathway, Copper ion, Selenosemicarbazone metal complexes, Collagen-fibrin patch, Pelvic lymphadenectomy, Gynecological malignancy, Typically asymptomatic, Akt signalling, Macrophage migration inhibitory factor, Hard consistency, Tumor cell factors, Characteristic feature, Myofibroblast phenotype, Juvenile rheumatoid, Cancer rates, Erythropoietin treatment, Modifiable behaviors, ALDH positive MECs, Stem cell renewal, U-shaped association, Complicated treatment pathway, Polysialic acid, Wnt inhibitor Dickkopf-1, γ-secretase inhibitors, Preoperative biliary drainage, Malignant bone disease, indicates advanced disease, PolySia positivity, Osteoblast activity, P21-activated protein kinase 1, PAK1 overexpression, Large genomic rearrangement, BRCA1/2 genes, Multi-factorial diseases, Progression biomarkers, Socioeconomic disparities, Src oncogene, Despite recently implemented access, Heterozygous mutation, TP53 transcription, Dichotomous outcomes, Crucial prognostic factor, Immunocompetent cells, Leukemoid reaction, Leukocytosis associated, Hamartomatous polyposis syndromes, Subsequent chemo-radiation, Inherited conditions, Cisplatin treatment, Hamartoma tumor syndromes, PTEN genes, Antibody resistance, Spontaneous metastasis, First-relative, Peptide microarray, Non-invasive diagnostic, Spontaneous canine lymphoma, Reasonable accuracy, Salvage lymph node dissection, Routine clinical practice, Oxidized protein hydrolase, Contrast enhanced computed tomography, Carcinogenic factors, Angiogenesis pattern, Pathological processes, Display prognostic significance, Fibulin-1, Vessel invasion, Node-positive breast cancer, Investigational oncologists, MDR osteosarcoma, Genetic biomarkers, Non-squamous, Chemoradiation resistance, Jacarelhyperol A, Hypericum japonicum, Leukaemia cells, Reciprocal translocation, Retinoic acid receptor alpha, Tumor reoxygenation and proliferation, Head and neck cancer xenograft, Radiotherapy outcome, Poorer survival, Lethal disease, Geographically-matched, Neuroendocrine rectum neoplasm, Anti-Ri-antibody, Angiogenesis biomarkers, Ovarian neoplasms, Biomarkers predict, Considerably high frequency, Cancer risk factors, HMGA2 gene, Multivariate linear regression model, Clinical practice patterns, Estrogen receptor antagonist, Associated toxicity, Metastatic salivary duct carcinoma, Transcriptional regulate gene, Numerous human cancers, Adjacent non-tumor tissues, Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family member A1, Pleural effusions, Primary cells, Ex vivo chemosensitivity, Acute skin toxicity, Deregulated cell cycle, Facilitates abnormal, Large breast size, Molecular checkpoints, Neoplastic lesions, Hybrid cell death, Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule, K+ homeostasis, Multi-step polygenic disease, Thoracic tumor, Kinase genes, Post-lobectomy isolated lung metastasis, HBV genome, Metastasis suppressor gene, Fatty acid binding protein 5, ERK signal pathway, Kiss-1 gene, Nitidine chloride, Signaling transduction pathways, Cellular proliferation and apoptosis, Rare BRAF mutations, Monoallelic mutation, Invasive mucinous carcinoma, Lobular carcinoma in situ, Hounsfield unit, Breast metastasis, P-cadherin, Micropapillary component, Hypoxia-resistant, Preponderant glycolytic metabolism, VEGFR crizotinib, Including metastasis, Stage IV colorectal cancer, Unresectable metastases, Synchronous metastases, Primary tumour, Definitive radiation, Biological dose escalation, Local radiotherapy, Pharmacodynamic analyses, Symptomatic breast units, Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness, Blocking ion currents, Deregulated expression, Transmembrane glycoprotein, Health concern worldwide, CUB domain-containing protein-1, Immunohistochemical molecular phenotypes, Homeodomain Interacting Protein Kinase 2, HIPK2–p53 signaling pathway, CRC xenograft tumor, Inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6, First-line bevacizumab-based chemotherapy, Symptom trajectories, Superficial esophageal neoplasm, Post-treatment resection specimen, Functioning trajectories, Hexokinase 2, Cancers diagnosed, Survival mean, N-nitrosodiethylamine, Hypolipidemic drug, TACE inhibition, MMP inactivation, Quinone derivative, Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 activity, Taxane resistance, Peripheral blood monocyte, Systemic inflammatory response, Ectopic meningioma, Atypical meningioma, Retroperitoneal mass, Renal hilum, Tumor survival, MassARRAY system, Nonreceptor protein tyrosine kinase, Targeting cell metabolism, Treat cancer, Acyl-CoA synthetase VL3, Thyroid malignancy distinct, Cross-calibration, Negative neck ultrasonography, Metastatic cells disseminated, Novel oncogenic kinase, Remains controversial, Protein tyrosine kinase, Molecular contrast-enhanced ultrasonography, B-cell lymphoma 6, Late complications, Increased morbidity measured, Stage IV breast cancer, Particular treatment, Ovarian carcinogenesis, Heterogenous melanoma, Accurate staging, Online intervention, Pathway elucidation remain unclear, Estrogen-responsive breast cancer, Celecoxib increases, Genotoxic drug doxorubicin, Mitochondriotoxic Hsp90, Aggressive tumor behavior, Hypoxic signalling pathways, Splicing isoform, Myeloma cells, LPA receptors, PCR array, Myeloma-specific marker, Anticancer drug pirarubicin, Prostate cancers, Image-based gynecological brachytherapy, Bayesian framework, CT-based gynecological brachytherapy, Linear quadratic model, Rectal cancers, Primary adenocarcinomas, Overexpression of cyclooxygenase-2, Favourable prognosis, Prostate tumor overexpressed 1, Unfavorable clinical outcome, Semliki Forest virus, Combined cancer treatment, 4 T1 tumor, Integrin α3β1, Bortezomib offers, Producing rapid control

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