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Impact of INM practices Motta poovan Aptitude of vermicompost Fungus and Indian mustard Physical seed treatment INM practices on vegetative growth Bio-fertilizers on crop growth Soil after cultivation Intraclonal variation in Musa Global agriculture is facing Chemical seed treatment Flowering of hybrid gerbera Direct-seeded autumn rice Musa Palayankodan Biofertilizers on growth parameters Economics of turmeric Different palayankodan ecotypes Hybrid gerbera Improving seed germination Yield of turmeric Respect to growth Textural quality of extrudates prepared Cryptolestes ferrugenius Foliar dose Pythium aphanidermatum Fungicides Insecticide resistance Insects protein Performance of pea varieties Foliar fertilizer source Different blends of sattu and kodo Cost effectiveness in broiler chicken Irrigated farming Rusty grain beetle Rhizome rot disease of ginger Eastern coastal plain zone of Odisha Different altitude ranges Storage losses Yield of wheat in loamy sand Dietary supplementation of betaine hydrochloride Development of Tenebrio molitor L Insecticide resistance levels of malathion Yield of transplanted winter rice Major pea cultivars Variance for cutting strength of extrudates Management of fungi Populations of rusty grain beetle Microsprinkler Fertigation for winter onion Anti-TNFα biopharmaceuticals Ectoparacitic infestations Ovum pick-up Review on epigenetics Studies on the growth Microbial consortia as basal application Anbioflam syrup Anti TNF-α receptor fusion protein Ferrocom syrup Longissimusdorsi muscle Single syringe mixture Helminth parasites SOF media Foliar spray of urea Streptococcus and pseudomonas Skin sensitization Wounds and dermatological disorders Ferrocom syrup in anaemia in dogs Ketofol 1:2 Various growth attributes Nature of gene action Tiflicon spray in ectoparacitic infestations Freezethaw cycle Bovine embryo Importance in livestock breeding Different mango genotypes Various species of citrus Foliar spray of gluconacetobacter diazotropicus Promising biological control agents Isolated organisms in canine pyometra Constant rate infusion Economics of sorghum based intercropping systems Yield of maize cultivars Silver carp Anaemia in dogs Livestock breeding Dermatological disorders Guinea pigs Flowering behavior of different mango Ectoparacitic infestations in dogs Subtropical zone of Himachal Pradesh Response to arsenic absorption in maize Influence of integrated nutrient management Gluconacetobacter diazotropicus Yield of sorghum based intercropping systems Antibiogram of isolated organisms Meat quality changes Chemical methods of control Developmental rate Maize cultivars Visual load of ectoparasites Pale mucous membranes Genomic functions

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Reference to season, Anbioflam syrup in wounds, Fusion protein in guinea pigs, Earthen nalabund, Virulent gene characterization, Canine orthopaedic patients, Certain immunomodulators, Citrate synthase enzymatic assay, Crop regulation of kinnow, Frequency and spectrum, Natural farming, Bovine embryos invitro, Unusual presentation of lymphatic filariasis, Selected insecticides against leaf hopper, Level of genetic regulation, Sucker weight on growth, Dermatological disorders in dogs, Ethno veterinary medicine, Marwari goat, Subclinical endometritis in cattle, Evaluation of earthen nala bund, Achhadan and Wapsa, Gamma rays on quantitative traits, Phenotypic characterization of marwari goats, Management and practices, Pseudostem height of banana, Induced mutations in homozygous, Non-endemic country, Small watershed, Cost benefit ratio fruit yield, New horizon of the agricultural sector, Identify potential varieties of bread wheat, Quantitative traits of soybean, Basis of haematological parameters, Relation to NPK fertigation, Crop regulation on kinnow decline, Livestock management practices, Crop duration of banana, Gluconacetobacter diazotropicus on growth, Heterozygous genotypes of soybean, Staphylococcal enterotoxin genes, Showing the ulcers, Hydrological condition, Leaf hopper population, Soybean in M2 generation, Management of livestock acquired, Subclinical endometritic cows, Prevalence of stemphylium blight disease, NAA of crop regulation, Blackgram crop, Acaulospora scrobiculata, Pup mortality, Heterozygous genotypes, Synema decoratum, WMVG stain, Leaf hopper population of okra, Date palm fruits, Food productivity, Response of onion to NPK, Healthcare comprised, Vermicompost on pomegranate, Splenic plasmacytosis, Protein and seed yield, Kharif onion in Bihar, Legume intercropping planting system, Negri bodies, Land markets, Ailanthus excelsa, Biofertilizers on pomegranate, Onion to NPK, predatory potential prey, Fusarium oxysporum causing black gram wilt, Ehrlichiosis in canine pup mortality, Rice-blackgram cropping sequence, Fusarium wilt of bitter gourd, Productivity of onion, Rabies in pup mortality, Yield response of varagu, Review on scenario of agriculture, Dehydration quality in khadrawy dates, Vermicompost on pomegranate cutting, Conidial measurement of Fusarium oxysporum, Productivity of Rabi onion, Canine pup mortality, Biological control perspective, Inclined solar drier for dehydration quality, Performance of green manures, Characteristics pinkish margin, Pathology of rabies in pup mortality, Pearl millet cultivar, Parameters to improve water, Uptake by Ailanthus Excelsa seedlings, SGEY and economics, Improved stores for Rabi, Neonatal period or even later, Morphological and biochemical traits, Recovery percentage, Pitfall trap catch, Downy mildew incidence, Post bite vaccination, Agro techniques to improve, Emotional maturity, Different planting dates, Cost benefic ratio, Field bean genotypes against major pod borers, Demonstration of pulses, Demand and collection, Field bean pod borer complex, Flowering stage were surveyed, Improve the productivity, Rank based quotient, Cluster village approach, Field bean genotypes, Darkling beetles, Primary agricultural credit societies, Abiotic factors on the shootfly, Yashwir singh and mahesh bhargava, Bioefficacy of selected insecticides, Dynamics of jute export in India, Samai +redgram intercropping system, Pearl millet growing, Onion seeds as influenced, Improved varieties, Genotypes against major pod borers, Pattern of credit disbursed, Pitfall trapping, Field bean against pod borers, Emotional maturity of tribal adolescents, Flood disaster, Shoot fly in little millet, Seed health evaluation, Seedling traits, Downy mildew of pearl millet, Influenced by varieties, Livestock enterprise, Effect on livestock, Indigenous horticultural crops, Different varieties of Indian bean, Time spent, Agadir coastal regions in morocco, High phosphorus soils, Flood management, Livestock related activities, Incubation method, India for immunity development, Yield attributes of wheat, Selected seaweed extracts, Phosphorus requirement to soybean, Indian perspective of flood, Already arranged seeds, Wild date palm, Tribal women of tripura, Integrated nutrients on growth, Nitrogen to soybean, Flood are increasing very rapidly, Indian bean varieties, Participation and time spent, Origin having capacity to develop immunity, Boll rot complex, Fetal hydrocephalus, Quality of caprine oocytes, Nanoconjugated GnRH, Field population of cotton leaf hopper, Identification of hotspot, Yield of caprine oocytes, Variability in greengram, Jersey crossbred cow, Cotton leaf hopper, Reproductive cycle in kilakarsal ewes, Enhancing chickpea productivity, Screening for resistance against cotton boll rot complex, Crop growth rate and yield, Soybean-wheat cropping sequence in vertisols, Dystocia due to hydrocephalic fetus, Aspiration method, Mid-central table land zone of Odisha, Cotton leafhopper, Cotton boll rot complex, Eighteen biometrical traits, Root mass density, Dehusking capacity, Zinc and iron, Influence of estrus synchronization protocols, Hydrocephalic fetus, Collections of ovaries, Germination behaviour of cuscuta seeds, Antibiogram cholelithiasis, Severity of boll rot complex, Sub-watersheds of mungeli block, Root volume density, Plaque samples, Germination behaviour, Edaphic processes etc, Culturable oocytes obtained from caprine ovaries, Mungeli block, Semi-automatic coconut de-husking machine, Nutrients status, Irrigation in cauliflower, Bacteriological profile of bile, Solid fermentation, Cuscuta seeds, Morus-maize based agroforestry system, Coast tall variety of coconut, Quail eggs, Village adoption, Remote sensing GIS technique, Mid hill conditions of Himachal Pradesh, Problems concerning women’s participation, Finger millet under rainfed condition, Egg shell quality, FD-DVS culture, Microbial screening, Cholecystectomy patients at rims, Soil nutrient management practices, Morphometric analysis for prioritization, Major host niger, Insufficient water application, Rice stem borer, Microbial assay, Pertinent to assess reasons behind women’s, ICT needs, Macrophomina phaseolina in vitro, Yolk quality, Heritable relationship, NPK nutrient status, Development of amaranth, Training on economic activities, Time preference, Tochers method, Milk residues, Alternative feed, Incorporated composite fermented milk drink, Preparedness for new eventuality, Adopted village, Estimation of heritable relationship, Barak valley of Assam, Efficacy of plant extracts, Following sustainable, Residue monitoring of enrofloxacin in milk, Farm women for ICT Usage, Improved practice, COVID19 and control measures, Multivariate studies of seed yield, Variability of yield, Acidity development, Histo-pathological study in chickpea, Delayed puberty, Integrated crop management practices, Feeding value of rice gluten meal, Animal menace, Farmers’ field condition, N levels of rice, Readiness of farm women, Different traits in mungbean, Etiological agents predisposing factors, Histo-pathological, Cattle heifers, Yield determinants in chickpea, Rice stem borer scirpophaga incertulas, Factors influencing tribal farming, Rice on system productivity, Promote information via communication, Yield determinants, Water conveyance efficiency, Plant parts infected, Particulate organic matter, Incidence of delayed puberty, Weather data, Phosphatase and urease activity, Potential productivity, Economics of rice- greengram system, Attappadi tribes in Kerala, On-farm application efficiency, Heifers under rural condition, Different stages of plant growth, High input cropping system, Genetic coefficient, Tobacco N gene primers, Coefficient of improvement, Yield gaps, Chickpea root, Soil data, Body condition score around Jabalpur, Water stable aggregates, Bhimsagar medium irrigation project, Growth promoting feed supplement, Production potential appraisal, Inter specific hybrids, Tephritid fruit flies in tomato, Scrotal circumference, Different INM practices, Summer moong, Lilium (hybrid tresor) growth, Nutrient maize, Solanaceae family, New fungicides in management, Breeding biology, Water delivery, Climate variability of maize, Banaganapalle Mandal, Evaluation of organic manures, Different gum solutions, Pheromone based integrated management, Gene drive, Nutrients on quality, Production performance of broiler chickens, Sliver black plastic mulch, Alternaria solani in tomato, Vigna raidiata, Endophytic actinobacteria, In vitro conservation, Green pepper, Intercropping of different vegetable crops, Egg parameters, Bio-film production, Frozen straws, Fermented organics, Row ratio and fertility level, Quality of kinnow mandarin, Multistage sampling young, Economy of sweet sorghum, No mulch, Promotion of backyard poultry farming, Herbicides on yield attributes, Polyhouse and open condition, Total cultivated area, Different gum like Karaya, Red-wattled lapwing, Different vegetable crops, Tomato crop is affected, Most frequent bacterial isolates, PGPR on plant growth, Chlorophyll content in maize, Fertility level on nutrient uptake, Semen production in buck, Sweet sorghum cultivars, Old group farmers, Impact of summer moong, Average productivity, Agri- fields of Sirsa, Economic estimation of capsicum production, Yields of blackgram, Skeletal myocytes, Impact of KVK trainings, Mulberry genotypes, New cashew plantation, Agricultural pest management, Direct gram stain, Anogiessus latifolia, Empowered and strengthened, F2 segregants of bhendi, Agricultural college, Tasar sericulture, Maize-soybean intercropping system, Scrotal circumference on semen production, Rainfed environment, Agri-silvihorticultural system, Quality of lilium hybrid, Socio economics characteristics, Scenario of cropping pattern, Selection of quality variety, Identify constraints in capsicum production, Middle pruning, Invitro differentiation potential, Pleurotus cornucopiae, Yield of potato intercropped, Perception of farmers interest group, Various agricultural crops, Scoring of biofilm production, Mean performance of F2 segregants, Brookfield viscometer, Little millet grain equivalent yield, Shell weight, High yielding good quality jack genotypes, WCT and yield, Canine bone marrow derived mesenchymal, Quality variety, Spawn substrates, Mulberry growth parameters, Cocoon sorting, Farmers interest group, Fungicidal management of sheath rot disease, Sub-montane climatic conditions, Pityriasis versicolor, Climate resilient agri-silvi-horticultural, Further variety development programme, Color ways, Quality in coconut, Sustainable intercropping association, Union fabrics, Irrigation management in tomato, Performance of white onion advance lines, Tick borne zoonoses, Lasso regression, Grain storage structure, Fungicidal management, Phenotypic index, Various agroforestry models, Cell types familiar, Ankist rodesmus

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